HTML and CSS Advanced

This course is designed for students who want to get more out of their Web development skills. You will learn to build more complex web pages, learning advanced HTML and CSS techniques to control the layout and appearance. Learn to add CSS animation and transitions, advanced positioning and layering, and how to build a responsive site for mobile compatibility.

Target Audience:

Students must already be familiar with HTML and CSS.


Line Them Up, or Not – Advanced Positioning Techniques

  • Multiple Columns
  • Advanced Floating
  • Advaned Positioning
  • Using Z Index

Get Complex – Using Advanced Selectors

  • Selecting Children and Siblings
  • Selecting Attributes
  • Pseudo Selectors

Make a Transformation – Transforming Elements

  • Working with 2D Transformations
  • Combining Transformations
  • Setting The Transform Origin
  • Creating Perspective
  • Working with 3D Transformations
  • Transformation Styles

Become Animated – Creating Animations and Transitions

  • Transition and Animate Properties
  • Create Transition Elements
  • Create Animations
  • Customize Animations

Respond to Change – Responsive Web Design

  • What is Responsive Design
  • Working with the Viewport
  • Create Flexible Layouts
  • Using Media Queries
  • Designing for Mobile First
  • Using Flexible Media

HTML Schedule

Duration 30 hrs.
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