Native Apps

A native app is a smartphone application built on a specific operating system or a specified programming language. The apps of iPhone are coded in objective c while the apps of android are coded in Java. It provides high performance and high degree of reliability. Native apps can be accessed through icons on home screen and it live on the device. It can access phones various devices. Native apps can be installed using the application store (such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store). These apps are basically designed for the specific platform taking its full advantage. Native apps are able to use the device’s notification system and can work offline. However, these types of app are expensive to develop because it is developed for one type of operating system.
iTech Creators offers a unique opportunity to kick start native mobile application development. During the training you will learn about the basics of developing native app to the expertise of making app. The training will let you learn how to make app different platforms that are Android, iOS and windows. The course will start setting you up a live project for each platform. The training will be given by dedicated trainers who will help you to get the expertise in the developing the native app. The live project training on each platform will clear the difference between the platforms, and make your development better.
As the market of mobile industry is not going anywhere. Hence, the future of the native app development is also not going anywhere. There is a bright future for the native app developer as many big companies are switching to native API. So, for getting those opportunity ,it is advisable to get trained and learn to make native app. iTech Creators will be offering you the training that will be making your future bright.