PPC means Pay Per Click. Every time when anyone clicks on the particular ad on the search engine, the respective company has to pay for it. It simply means that companies are buying the visits in place of earning it. Through PPC, traffic is directed and the company or the individual pay to search engines whenever their ads are clicked. There is bidding process by which the advertiser targets the desired market and desired audience on various relevant keywords. The sponsored ads or links are shown when anyone types something matching to the advertiser’s keyword on the search engine then according to the typed keyword the corresponding ads and links are shown. These ads or links are shown in the natural and organic search result or anywhere a web developer chooses the website. The charges of the PPC are very low.

iTech Creators offers the training in PPC. By using PPC the companies whether they are small or large ones both get the same platform hence there is a good market of the PPC. You will be trained with the basic and then advanced PPC course. The course also includes the PPC live project training. But, firstly the base must be prepared. After you learn all the theoretical basics of PPC then only you will be able to convert and implement those theories into the practical. The real challenges which you will be facing during live project training can be better solved by you. The training will be given by our experienced faculties, whose experience will help you to make your knowledge more concrete. The PPC live project training will be giving you industry level exposure.


The training will help you to solve the complex aspects of PPC and break into easier and understandable formulas. All these things will be helping you to solve your PPC project. The popularity of PPC in the market is already there, that means there will be also good opportunities but apart from getting a job, you can also start something by your own. You have to take the projects and complete them, this can be done once you are well versed with PPC. So, the training in PPC is very must for good career opportunities.


PPC, or ‘pay-per-click’, advertising is the fastest way to get your website appearing in the search engine ranking results, by targeting those search terms that will display your advert in the ‘sponsored links’. However, some level of PPC training or consultancy is essential if you’re new to this area of marketing and want to make it work effectively for your business without wasting a large amount of advertising spend.


The fact that PPC advertising is now the fastest growing marketing sector doesn’t mean that many of the companies using it are doing so effectively. PPC can be difficult to master, so it’s important to have all the skills in place before you begin spending too much money buying sponsored results on the main search tools and possibly becoming disillusioned with poor results.


The PPC training courses provided by the IT Training Classes for both the beginner and those with some experience of managing an active pay-per-click campaign. You can have a specific Google AdWords training course, or use the PPC training to learn the principles of this form of advertising and how it can be implemented on Google, Yahoo! or Bing, either just for INDIA or across international markets.


Introduction to PPC advertising

This training course is designed for those who want to start using PPC advertising from scratch and covers all the main strategies, tools and techniques to help you create and manage a successful PPC advertising campaign.


This introduction to PPC advertising will show you:

  • How this form of online advertising works
  • The advantages and disadvantages of pay-per-click advertising
  • Which PPC advertising services to use for your market
  • How to plan a campaign and target the best search terms
  • How to create accounts on Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter
  • How to write effective adverts
  • Which bid management strategy to follow
  • How to test and analyse your campaign
  • How to manage ‘click fraud’ and trademark issues

This course is very ‘hands on’, using either your own existing campaign (which can be set up during the training course), or with a sample campaign as a case study, so that you’ll work through a series of practical exercises to help you understand the main issues and to put the PPC techniques into practice. As a result, you’ll come away equipped with an excellent understanding of how to manage and develop an effective PPC advertising campaign for your business.


Advanced PPC advertising techniques

This course is designed for those marketers who already have some experience of running PPC advertising campaigns. It will review the existing structure and performance of a campaign and cover the best strategies, tools and techniques to enhance the performance of the PPC advertising, including testing techniques and integration with Google Analytics (if applicable).


Again, this is a very practical course that uses an existing campaign for examples and exercises on how to focus the performance of the advertising in the future. You will gain better knowledge and understanding of how to improve the ongoing campaign management and get better results for your business.

PPC Schedule

Duration 18 hrs.
Next Batch Starting Aug 15, 2020
Aug 22, 2020