Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing?

  • Introduction to Video Marketing
  • Why Video Works Online
  • Formats and Devices for Online Video
  • Broadcast and Internet Quality
  • 5 Elements of Video for Maximum Response
  • What the Future Holds for Online Video

Making Engaging Video Content

  • Prosumer vs. Broadcast Equipment
  • Sound Issues for Video
  • Lighting and Tripods for Videos
  • Shooting Video Via Webcam
  • Best Video Apps for Mac
  • Non Camera Video Creation
  • Telling stories with video tools

Video Distribution Platforms

  • HTML5 Players and File Hosting
  • Vimeo
  • Live Streams and Additional Video Platforms

 YouTube SEO & Settings

  • Video Descriptions, Links and Tags
  • Annotations and Associated Links
  • Associated Websites
  • Video AdWords

Video Syndication Strategie

In this module, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Video Syndication; from the most basic level to the highest tier.

iPad and iPhone Video Production

  • Recording Clips with an iPad or iPhone Camera
  • Trimming and Splitting Clips
  • Photo Video Effects
  • Voice Over and Advanced Audio Techniques
  • Music Underscoring
  • Transitions
  • B Roll, Split Screens and Much, Much More!