Zend Frame

Zend Framework is a web application which is object oriented and open source.

The Zend framework is implemented for PHP5.It has many loosely packed components that you can you use more or less independently hence it is known as the component library. For establishing the basic structure for applications it has Model-View-Controller. The implementation of Zend Framework is done using 100% object oriented code. The framework is designed in a way that each component is dependent on the other. As it has loosely coupled component so the developer has the freedom to use them individually, often known as ‘use-at-will’ design. They can be used separately but when combined together they become a powerful and extensible web application framework. The ‘Zend Framework’ project is principally owned by Zend Technologies but, many companies also contributed component and significant features to the framework.

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The Zend Framework is basically owned by the Zend technologies but there are many features which are developed by many other companies. These companies include IBM, Microsoft, and many major companies. As you can see there is demand for the professionals who can work on these features of the Framework. So, there are opportunities for the professionals in the Zend Framework. By getting trained into this framework you can become a web developer, web application developer or web services developer. There are many opportunities waiting for a skilled professional.

Zend Frame Schedule

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Aug 21, 2020